smiling labrador rescue
sheepy the fluffy rescue dog
fauno the young rescue horse

This little Cutie is the baby of all the horses!

He came to us in the summer of 2021. A story unlike the others. Fortunately for him, he already had a life where he experienced love and a life without neglect. He was previously rescued at 6 months old. Because of his complicated start in life he developed mental scars and problems with socializing. Both with other horses and humans. He came to us so that he had a safe place to live. His owners could no longer keep him but wanted to make sure he went somewhere in which he could have the correct training and understanding. To make sure he was not going to be beaten and abused due to his tendency to bite and kick. This comes from confusion and fear. This lovely little pony has a a great soul and just needs help to understand and find his feet.

It is early days still, But Fauno is slowly improving and learning how to make friends with horses. Especially our other baby Eric. Hopefully one day he will learn to trust humans as well.

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