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I don’t always act like a dragon, I am actually lovely with humans.

Even though humans let me down in the past I still love attention and cuddles from them. What makes me angry is other animals coming near me. But this is only because I am so “hangry”. I had a hope 3 months ago, but when I had an accident with my front knee I was no longer rideable. This meant that my old owners left me in a paddock and moved away. The didn’t leave me with any food. The only reason I am still alive is because a neighbouring old man came past every dad and gave me snacks. Anything he had such as bread, fruit and left overs. Although this is not good for horses, it kept me alive and I am very grateful. There was some political problem which meant I had no food at all for 3 days but I could finally be rescued and come here.

This is the reason I was so hangry. I felt I had to stand up and fight for my food, from neighbouring horses or chickens and ducks that looked at my food.

I now understand that I will always have food and I don’t act like a dragon as much any more. However it is to late, the name stuck.

Would you like to sponsor me monthly, see the updates of my rehab and how i adapt to finca life. If you sponsor me ( for the price of a coffee a month) the money will go directly to my vet bills.

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