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Bonnie the beauty!

So far all we know is she had a consistent home for the majority of her life, we don't know what she was doing there, but we think just a hobby horse. Nothing major or competitive. For some reason she was sold on. Maybe due to the start of her medical issues or even from struggling owner funds since lock down. Every reason is possible. However it doesn't matter. What matters is she got into the wrong hands. By piecing together the story so far we think she was sold to a riding school as a jumping horse. Soon they found she was not up to the job and she ended in the disaster of a home that she was in prior to coming to us. We think our source forced her out, but we don't know and we don't ask. The politics, the stress, the welfare and the misery can be beyond difficult. But the good news is she only suffered for a very short time and was not forced to do things over her capabilities for long.

Unfortunately Bonnie has as life long issue with her bones and joints and will need physiotherapy and treatment to keep up her quality of life. Right now she is very happy and enjoys her field friends and going out in-hand walking with the volunteers. 



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