megatron the meat chicken
Megatron/ Africa

Mac. Aka Maccy Moo or Macaroni, another big cuddly bundle with lots of pet names.

Mac is part of the furniture, he is always around and waiting for a fuss. Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with this gentle giant, either from his calm presence, reliability or his howl every time an ambulance goes past. Sadly Mac has had a hard time, he came to us with Heartworm and had to undergo extensive life threatening and very expensive treatment to ensure he can survive. He was bed ridden for over 4 months  which aggravated his other conditions. This poor old boy as severe arthritis and leg problems which we are working with vets to find out the easiest option for Mac as he has been through so much treatment already. Currently he is on medication to hopefully reduce pain and inflammation enough to encourage movement before we have to take more drastic measures. Either way Mac is super happy and loves his sofa and his home but we don't know what the future brings for this big boy yet.

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