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First entry for things you may not think about when opening an animal sanctuary, although this entry is not strictly true. We even did think about it, but nothing prepared us for the swarm of flies 2020!

We get asked regularly what it is like to run an animal sanctuary from people who are thinking of doing the same thing. Lovely people who want to for fill their dreams and dedicate their lives to helping animals. Of course we always encourage this and wouldn't change anything about the way we choose to live our lives. People ask us for tips and advice, so we like to respond with the things that we wish we had known before and would have never imagined. Maybe we should start a thread of blogs " things we didn't realise then"


First entry is Flies. The swarm of flies in the weird year of 2020

What did we expect really? As if year 2020 couldn't get any weirder.

Even as I am typing this a little fly is regurgitating his food onto my screen.

Having animals is always going to bring flies. Everyone knows this, So always be prepared for it. Animals make a mess when they eat and they do a lot of poo! This is to be expected, however fortunately it is not always this bad. 2020 after the crazy rain and unusual weather brought a swarm like never seen before.

We are a big team living on site in the swam but due to our unusual living conditions we are all easy going here. We are used to "roughing it" but it takes some getting used to when there are 9 flies on one sandwich or you have to try and train yourself to enjoy the feeling of them crawling across your skin to try and not be irritated. Believe it or not we all do this, its a good practise for a type of meditation and improve our patience. We are getting pretty good at it until more than 3 are on your face at the same time.

Would you like to sponsor us with fly papers

Currently its impossible to enter the kitchen and common area without battling through a swarm, you can even hear the buzzing as you try to fall asleep. We put up a sticky fly paper and within 2 hours there is not a space left for more flies. You can find them on our amazon shopping lists on our page How to Help  or directly on amazon   shopping list.

Its quite an experience, not really one we would like to repeat often but for the now we are under attack! For now we laugh about it but lets just hope we go back to our regular amount of flies soon.

How about you? Do you live on Tenerife and have flies at the moment?



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