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We get asked regularly what it is like to live and work on the finca with rescue animals, what happens behind the scenes, how our day to day lives are?

Living and working with rescue animals isn't the most glamorous job but we love it. We try the best we can to portray our unusual lifestyle as honestly and openly as we can on our various social media platforms. Our team writes blogs such as this on our website. Also, regularly update with photos on instagram, news and stories on our facebook page and little silly or cute videos on tiktok. All of this and we still do not manage to show you everything. Finca has a very unique lifestyle here for the running of Tenerife horse rescue. With our donation/ waste food run, community-style , our 250+  animals all together on our sustainable self built finca. We somehow manage to create a chaotic yet peaceful sanctuary which continues to grow at an extraordinary rate, with an amazing daily team.

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What really happens here?

For a regular follower who might see the updates of the new horse arrivals, cute videos of kittens. or even donate on one of our fundraisers they still might not know exactly where their hard earned money is going. We want to show this in our new finca life youtube series! We will make weekly episodes on what we are doing now and where we will go next. Also, how the whole idea started, how we got this far, who are we and why did we choose Tenerife?

We want to show you everything

Like how we manage to run this place and take care of so many animals on such a small budget. In addition, how we have managed to build so much so quickly from only recycled materials. How we come to get hold of the new animals and the progress of our current animals. We even want to show you our fails. Such as when we trusted the wrong person at the begging which cost us a lot of money. And left us with lots of problems, one of which could have potentially blown up some of our finca. Some time ago when we got denounced for stealing and threatened with a “gun”. When in actual fact we were clearing rubbish from a neighbouring old man and our get away vehicle ( a horse box) was mistaken for a blue van. Or the time when we built an amazing roof for our community area, only to find out it was to tall and it blocked the sea view from the Yurt. We had to start again! We live and learn, and we have made many many many mistakes along the way. Remember, this is new to us as well.

Big team of volunteers

But quite fortunately our positives out way the negatives on a daily basis. And most of the videos should be the day to day function and growth of the finca, the animals and the people who make it all possible. Our great group of volunteers who sadly on occasion get titled as “hippies and bums”. You will see them working hard on their specific tasks. From the small animal team (cleaning, feeding etc), the horse team (training, rehab, medical care), the builders, the gardeners, the computer team, the chef, the donation collectors and more. Everyone has a particular role in the way the finca runs and each as important, interesting and amazing as the other. One morning last week when our admin team (Manon, Katrin, Inge and myself) were all inside the office/ my bedroom/ kitchen/ house my parents popped by to visit. After arriving on the island 2 days before, plenty of time during UK lockdown to get lost in youtube channels.

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How we came upon youtube series idea

After having a chat all together we came up with this amazing youtube series idea. One of our “horse girls” Manon, luckily for us also has a keen interest in filming. So she has been making films on each horse and rescue animals to update on Patreon and facebook. We hadn’t however thought of taking it that step further and making a youtube series. So after watching a few episodes of my dads recommended channels to get ideas, we all agreed we should give it a go. Now a point to remember, we are not professionals. We do not have funding for our videos (we don’t even have funding for our sanctuary). We also do not have time to spend scripting, planning and lots of fancy editing. So maybe we can not offer a top cinematic experience (yet) but what we will provide is honesty, behind the scenes, real life, real blood, sweat and tears. Real rescue stories, real animals, real rehab stories along with real people.

Subscribe and follow our rescue animals

So we welcome you all to subscribe to our youtube channel. If you want to check out some of our old videos, you are very welcome, but hold on tight because within the next 2-3 weeks we plan to launch our first episode. “Finca life, who are we?” Meet us and let us show you around the finca. We will give you a little background on how we got this far and show you what projects we are currently working on. This episode, along with each weekly episode here on after will be complete with hard work, struggles, love, cute animals and the right amount of comedy to hopefully welcome you into our “finca fam”.

Here is a recent upload we did just to familiarise ourselves with youtube... but its certainly worth a watch!

"So maybe we can not offer a top cinematic experience (yet) but what we will provide in honesty, behind the scenes, real life, real blood, sweat and tears. Real rescue stories, real animals, real rehab stories along with real people."

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