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Here we have our baby of the group, Little Eric L'apache

Eric has been with us for a long time now, rescued from a small stable with no windows, knee deep in his own waste with no access to food or water, prior to this he was abandoned for being to "crazy" with his field mates. At this time Eric was a 4 year old stallion living with female horses. We don't know what happened in this between time but by the time we got him he was scared to be touched, it took us 2 weeks to remove the matted hair, he was so scared of loud noises, one time a gate fell down and he panicked and broke out of his paddock, he was so scared of other horses that the first time he was allowed free with the others he got so scared he squeezed out between the bars and got stuck in fear.

This is really sad to see in a young horse, especially in a breed such as his who are known for there bravery and strength. After lots of hard work, food, time, care, taking it slow and love this is exactly how he is today! one of the bravest horses on the finca, he is the boss of his paddock and full of love for humans and all animals. His best friend is Peppa the pig and they can often be found laying down together.

During his time with us he has almost doubled in size, turning into a beautiful strong pony with a personality to match. He has a lot of admirers and we consider ourself very lucky to have him and be part of his recovery story. He still has the memories of his past sure, and some scars that we will never know the cause of but all we know is that he is happy and healthy now, thanks to kind donations from people like yourself helping us to help this pony blossom and come out of his shell forever. Eric is famous and has made the front cover of barefoot horse magazine with his beauty and sad story.

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