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So this week we are very busy with our emergency land appeal. It only made sense to make this weeks blog related. 

We are on day 3 of our emergency land appeal and we are overwhelmed with the help. Already reaching 4800 euros. So we have a chance in 8 more days to reach 20,000.

However, it's always the same amazing people that support us so much. The same regular people who donate their hard earned cash to help a good cause. We are always blown away by their kindness and support. The kind-hearted people who can't really afford to help us, especially in such a difficult time, but do it anyway because they want to help change the world.

But wouldn't it be so nice if we could reach the people who could donate and not even notice. There are so many people in the world who have so much money they do not need. They could make a difference without even realising and we wouldn't have to rely on the same generous beautiful people. 

Here is our appeal in video form. (Please bare with it, the sound is only bad for the first 30 seconds).



We are extremely excited to announce that after a long search, seemingly endless phone calls, trips to the town hall/land registry and long negotiations, we have finally come to an arrangement to buy the neighbouring land for animal rescue.

Let’s say that again, WE HAVE FINALLY FOUND LAND TO BUY!

This is incredible because as soon as we sign over we can immediately rescue more horses. They've been on our waiting list because before we've had to turn them down due lack of space.

The support up until now has been incredible and we are blown away daily. With this land appeal, we have the chance to expand and rescue as many horses as we can afford. Space will no longer be an issue!

Plans for new land

The plan means buying three times the land we already have. This will be huge, and we have a fantastic plan for how to use the new space.

We will build a big track system/paradise paddock to encourage movement for the horses who do not enjoy leaving the finca. That will give them the space and time they need for easy rehabilitation, recovery, and to just be a horse. That will be in many cases for the first time in their lives.

We will also build a big retirement paddock which will be set in a big cratered area that also offers itself to more holiday rental caves around the outside. This in turn will help to bring in an income. So that we can continue the cycle of rescuing horses in need.

So, these are our plans to expand Tenerife Horse Rescue and offer a good home to as many horses who'll need us. This is huge news! However, there is a complication, that we only found out about last night (12/11/20202). We only have 10 days to sign on the new land to start the process! And unfortunately, at present we are €20,000 short. Due to the shortage of land on Tenerife and because our finca is in the path of windmills, the land is not cheap. We have 3 amazing sponsors who have been working together. And have raised over 3/4 of the asking price, but we need the remaining €20,000 to make it possible.

Donate and spread the word

We are aware this is a huge ask, and difficult to achieve in 10 days, but we have to try. As it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If we do not buy it, it will go to a windmill farm. We will not get the chance again to have so much land for animal rescue, and directly touching our current land.

We have created many different options to donate to this cause. Even if you can’t donate personally please share this post. Share it on your blog, your facebook page, Instagram, facebook groups and tell your friends. Maybe you know that person, who knows that person who can change the life of the future horses who need to be rescued in Tenerife.

Below in the comments are real photos of horses on our waiting list. Their lives will be changed forever if we manage to pull this off. These are only the ones we have pictures of. There are at least four more we know of, and doubtless many more on the island who desperately need our help. Please help us to not have to make the hard decision of "who looks bad enough to deserve a space and a chance of happiness?" We have the want, the knowledge, the volunteers, and everything else we need to give these horses a chance. It breaks our hearts having to say “no”, just because we don’t have the space. Now we have a chance to change this forever, and make so many lives better, forever.

(Please note we have not met these horses. This is just the information that was given to us in the hope that we can take them).


new skinny rescue horse he needs our land for appeal Land appeal so we can save more horses

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