Dory’s story

ferret in a hand
Starksy and Hutch
beautiful dragon horse
sick rescue horse

#Dorystory is the most painful and heartbreaking rescue mission we have ever witnessed. 

It was not only heartbreaking for Dory, but for all of the other horses who suffer such extreme neglect and pain due to ignorance and lack of knowledge. Dory was not owned by horrible people, she was owned by people who knew no better.

Dory had the most amazing fight and spirit and will to live, yet it was to late and we could not save her. This harrowing experience with Dory has encouraged us to fight harder for a change. We want to fight how she fought. For the other horses and animals in her situation that maybe we can get to in time. #dorystory is a campaign created to share knowledge and help animal welfare become better. Rather than concentrating on criticism and anger. Lets use our forces to educate and change the future.

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