Freiwilligenarbeit ist eine unterhaltsame und praktische Möglichkeit, in ein Interessengebiet einzutauchen, in einen Bereich zu investieren, den Sie studieren möchten, oder einfach etwas zurückzugeben.

If you’d like to stay at the sanctuary and lend us your skills but cannot give us as much of your time as we ask from our long-term volunteers then this option is exactly what you need. You can volunteer for a minimum of 1 week without needing any prior experience and it’s a great way to get stuck in and feel like part of the team.

Looking after animals can be tiresome but we maintain a healthy balance between working, learning and playing. All of our animals have been rescued or found abandoned due to abuse or neglect so our main focus is on rehabilitation for carefully vetted re-adoption. If our animals are not adopted they instead are put into retirement to live their lives to the best they can, being cared for by our volunteers in peace at this beautiful sanctuary.

As a short-term volunteer you will have the choice of 2 different programs:

 “Animal sanctuary helper” which would mean spending your days getting involved in many different things. From preparing meals for the small animals, to assisting in giving the appropriate medication to the animals that need it, walking dogs, building enclosures, cooking or walking with some of our beautiful horses and donkeys around the local area.

Or for those of you who have previous experience with horses you can become a “horse team helper”. This will include feeding the equines, cleaning them, exercising and training when appropriate. Please be aware that this role is specifically for experienced horse people due to the nature of horse work it can be dangerous without the appropriate experience. You must be able to put on a head collar, remove a horse safely from the paddock and pick out their feet unassisted to be part of this program. If this is not in your current capabilities, no worries you will join the other program and have some time to experience the basic horse care. If your skills develop during your stay you have a chance to move onto the horse team program.

As a short-term volunteer we have a few accommodations for you to choose from that not only give you the flexibility of staying for a shorter period of time but that also offer a bit more of a luxurious stay. All accommodations include access to all communal areas,  unlimited food from our store, drinking water and pick-up/drop-off to Tenerife South airport. As well as 2 meals per day (Monday - Friday) cooked by our wonderful cooking team.

Standard Options

If you would love to try a more community style experience with a lower price tag then these following options could be perfect for you. Still with a private and unique accommodation, but without a private kitchen and bathroom. You would be part of the big community with shared access to the 2 kitchens, bathroom, outside toilets and showers. Really join in and experience community life in an animal sanctuary.

For more information about joining us for a short term volunteer stay please get in contact via the form below or you can email us on for general questions.

Please be aware your first choice of accommodation may not always be available for your chosen dates so we will contact you with the options available.