Freiwilligenarbeit ist eine unterhaltsame und praktische Möglichkeit, in ein Interessengebiet einzutauchen, in einen Bereich zu investieren, den Sie studieren möchten, oder einfach etwas zurückzugeben.

If you’d like to stay at the sanctuary and lend us your skills but cannot give us as much of your time as we ask from our long-term volunteers then this option is exactly what you need. You can volunteer for a minimum of 1 week without needing any prior experience and it’s a great way to get stuck in and feel like part of the team.

As a short-term volunteer you will spend your days getting involved in many different things. From preparing meals for the small animals, to assisting in giving the appropriate medication to the animals that need it, or simply exercising some of our beautiful horses and donkeys with a walk around the local area and village.

Looking after animals can be tiresome but we maintain a healthy balance between working, learning and playing. All of our animals have been rescued or found abandoned due to abuse or neglect so our main focus is on rehabilitation for carefully vetted re-adoption. If our animals are not adopted they instead are put into retirement to live their lives to the best they can, being cared for by our volunteers in peace at this beautiful sanctuary.

As a short-term volunteer we have a few accommodations for you to choose from that not only give you the flexibility of staying for a shorter period of time but that also offer a bit more of a luxurious stay. All accommodations include access to all communal areas, unlimited food from our store, drinking water and pick-up/drop-off to Tenerife South airport. As well as 2 meals per day (Monday - Friday) cooked by our wonderful cooking team.

Deluxe options:

The Mongolian Yurt


The Mongolian Yurt offers our most luxurious stay. This accommodation is situated in a private walled off area near the small animals section in the sanctuary. You will have an entirely secluded section of the sanctuary, with a double bed in our luxury Mongolian yurt. This incredible area also boasts a second structure with a private bathroom, separate kitchenette and lounge area. The lounge area can also be arranged to accommodate a double bed which makes it a great option for families or a chance to have a stay with friends.

Whilst you are encouraged to join us every day for the community meals, you will have your own private fridge and a beautiful terrace. Even in the heart of the finca, it still provides a serene place to relax and unwind after your days. Everything has been hand built by our volunteers, from the painted doors to the glass mosaic floor. It really is the jewel in the crown of our finca and has been home to many international celebrities and influencers who have enjoyed a stay here.

Prices start at €560 for one week

The Cave House


Surrounded by our goat enclosure and with an in-house cat named Pepito, the cave house is probably our most unique stay. With its own private bathroom, kitchen and lounge area it also offers a lot of comfort for someone who wants their own space during their time here at the sanctuary. Be prepared for the occasional head of a goat to poke through the window and check up on you though!

All the walls and floors have been put together beautifully by our volunteers using an eclectic mix of stones and tiles which is a real testament to the beauty of this sanctuary. It speaks volumes of one of our key values at the finca - making use of whatever we can and turning it into something truly amazing.

Prices start at €560 for one week

The Chalet

Located on the edge of a newer area which is the heart of community life. This stay is on the new land which we are still developing so there’s always something new and exciting going on. However some of the surrounding areas are still under development which can resemble a construction site at times. This however doesn’t mean that privacy is an issue. Facing outward over the ravine you have your own secluded front porch with incredible views, a dining area and a sun lounger. Once in your private area you will not see or hear the work going on in the surrounding areas.

There is also a private kitchenette so if you wish to make your own meals the option is there as well as your own private shower and compost toilet.

Prices start at €420 for one week

If you would love to try a more community style experience with a lower price tag then these following options could be perfect for you. Still with a private and unique accommodation, but without a private kitchen and bathroom. You would be part of the big community with shared access to the 2 kitchens, bathroom, outside toilets and showers. Really join in and experience community life in an animal sanctuary.

Community options:

The Cupcake House

With the cupcake house we can offer a more hands on and immersive volunteer experience. You will have a quirky private accommodation built by the volunteers using materials found in the sanctuary both natural and recycled as well as waking up with a beautiful view of the sea.

Another thing we should mention is that if you choose this option you will have a roommate in the form of a cat, as it is home to Billie! She is cute and friendly but has made this home her own and refuses to leave!

As with many of our other accommodations this is a private room but you will get the full experience of living in a community. Complete with all the pros and cons: enjoying great conversations around communal meals or waiting for your turn to use the shower and bathroom!

Prices start at €175 for one week

The Safari Tent

Similarly to the cupcake house this accommodation gives you the full finca lifestyle experience where you will be sharing most of the facilities with the other volunteers.

Set up with 2 single beds in a very secluded part of the sanctuary surrounded only by nature and our wonderful donkeys. You can enjoy this experience alone or with a friend and be slightly set back from the busy heart of the sanctuary. You are still very close to everything but with just a little bit more privacy.

Prices start at €175 for one week

The Caravan or The Army Van

Situated by the old kitchen on the finca, this area offers a more sociable but quiet experience. Both the caravan and greenvan are located in the quiet community area where people sometimes gather to relax and unwind between sociable hours.

After dark the area is quiet but you still feel close to everything going on. Many of our cats call this area home so you’ll always have some furry company should you need it, or you can take a short walk around the horse paddocks and small animals areas which are located close by.

This part of the finca is also very well situated to the amenities such as showers, toilets, kitchen and our pedal powered laundry service should you need them after getting stuck in with the animals.

Prices start at €175 for one week

For more information about joining us for a short term volunteer stay please get in contact via the form below or you can email us on for general questions.

Please be aware your first choice of accommodation may not always be available for your chosen dates so we will contact you with the options available.