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We have always offered the animals we rescue a forever home. But today, we need your help to keep our promise to them. The land that surrounds us is in jeopardy of serious invasive development, unless we can be the ones to buy it.

We’ll be honest, this is big, real and very scary for us. The future of the sanctuary is at risk. But it’s also an incredible opportunity to secure our future and save more animals who need us.

With your support, we have the potential not only to save our sanctuary, but to transform it into an unparalleled space for the creatures we care for.

So, what exactly is happening?

The short story here is that sudden complications around buying our new land face currently face us with two very real options:

With financial help, we have the opportunity to…

  • Expand our sanctuary in a way that will give our animals priceless space to rehabilitate and retire, whilst also vitally protecting them from future developments such as train tracks and wind turbines near to their peaceful homes.

But without considerable and rapid financial support,we are staring at the prospect of…

  • Losing our sanctuary to the threat of external purchase and land development which could compromise our purpose - of keeping animals happy and safe.

You might be aware that we have been planning to buy new land to help our sanctuary grow, and give the animals the space they need. Sudden complications with land division mean that we now must buy twice the amount of land we originally planned for, in order to secure any land at all. The truth is that this obliterates our budget, disempowers us to protect the sanctuary, and we do not know what to do.

Other than ask for your help.

"We have the time to work and grow, we have the skills and the volunteers to build and expand. What we don’t have, is the time to wait for the money to come. If we want to keep giving animals a second chance, we have to act now before this oppurtunity is lost to developers forever."

This is the author

You’ve got us this far and we hope you can see from everything we share with you, we’re doing something incredible here. 250 rescued animals call us home, and live amongst a community of constantly loving people who care for them every day. Please help us to keep doing this, they need us….and don’t have anyone else on this island.

The AMAZING future this land could give us is hard to describe…but let us try!

The new land would come with a license for animals which is HUGE. This license will save the future of the sanctuary, put us in a much stronger position to grow, and even enable us to build a vital veterinary clinic on site - making our ability to deliver urgent care even more effective.

We’d also gain a huge space for retirement horses, giving us space to save so many more horses than we currently can. And believe us, there’s a huge waiting list of horses-in-need which we currently can’t help. This land would literally help us start saying yes to them, and saving their lives.

But most of all, this land would finally give us the security that we are here to stay and grow, without the threat of nearby development. This safety for our animals is something we ourselves cannot put a price on - but the current landowners have, and it’s €350,000.


If you think you can help us, or know someone who can, in any possible way to raise these funds - please contact us. You’ll be doing something greater than you know.


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