Remembering Us

Unfortunately working with 100s of rescue animals sometimes we sadly have to say goodbye. This never gets any easier but it is unavoidable. Whether it is old age or we have set them free over the rainbow bridge they will always have a place in our hearts. They will also have their place on this website so they cannot be forgotten by anyone.

Here are some of the amazing animals and their stories who we have been lucky enough to love and care for in their twilight years. Thank you for caring and helping us to help them.



This beautiful little girl could finally let her guard down at our finca. Ava came to us as an emergency rescue horse. She lived a life […]


A Second Chance at Life: Star’s journey We rescued Star in September 2022, not expecting her to be with us for a long time. We wanted […]


Sometimes our responsibility is offering a last act of kindness. Saving an animal from a miserable future even though we can not heal them. Bringing them […]


This poor horse has an amazing story like no others, he is famous on the island. He was brought to the island as Turbo, a very […]

Jingle & Dequiqa

Our beautiful old ladies, Dequiqa and Jingle are running free together over the rainbow bridge. Free from arthritis pains and past trauma. Free to be together […]


Darth is actually the second worst rescue case we have ever had. A quote from someone helping: “all of the other rescues are a game in […]


Dory’s story is so touching, it drives us to fight harder for change and compassion in animal welfare. We know some of her background story, or […]


We have had to put many horses to sleep, we have done many “last acts of kindness” and we are more like a hospice and than […]


Pumpkin’s story is deeper than just another sad story. He was a cute, 6 years old pony, who should have been in a child’s dream, instead […]

Coconut Miew

This beautiful kitten was dumped at our gate, tiny as a mouse. At the time Coconut Miew arrived at the finca she was completely covered in […]


With a heavy heart we have to announce that we have made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to our Wonderful boy Lio. After 5 years […]