Christmas is a time of year for giving, and we don't want to be any different.

Buy a Christmas voucher as a Christmas present to yourself or your loved one. A unique way in which we can give back to some of our amazing supporters and donators whilst still funding the growth of this sanctuary.

Christmas voucher for Holiday Rental. The team has been working hard all year building our amazing holiday rentals. Starting from an empty rock and finishing with a stunningly beautiful, fully sustainable, private Yurt with stone wall built kitchen and bathroom. Complete with tortoises, rabbits and birds as neighbours with views over the horse paddocks to the sea.

Stunningly beautiful, fully sustainable, private Yurt.Front of the YurtChristmas voucher for yurt


For Christmas we would like to offer you the early bird holiday special:

As a thank you we are going to offer 1 for 3 prepaid Christmas vouchers. If you would like a holiday here with us anytime in 2021/2022 then why not pay only 1/3rd of the price now. No need to plan a date, just put your voucher to any time you want to redeem it. It's an amazing xmas gift idea for those who love animals and like to contribute rescuing more animals in need.

For example if you want to donate 100 euros now, you'll get a Christmas voucher worth of  300 euros. You can redeem your holiday with us when we can finally open it up to the public.

christmas voucher


This may be unconventional...

But we value our amazing donators, if you are likely to donate to our Christmas appeal, why not have something for yourself. Come and trial our holiday rentals on site the animal sanctuary for a heavily discounted price. The only thing we will ask in return is for a review and constructive criticism. We have only finished at the beginning of November, taking a lot longer than we expected. However it exceeded all of out expectations. So in perfect time for Christmas and with Christmas spirit we start to invite people to enjoy the hard work.

Christmas voucher for holiday rentalPrivate yurt


Important notice.

  • Holidays are subject to license and travel restrictions. 
  • Vouchers will be valid for 3 years from when we have permissions to open again.
  • Dates are subject to availability ( we have just launched this so dates are wide open).
  • Unfortunately we do not yet have disabled facilities until we complete the second build.