strange funny dog

We might be very experienced with animals here at tenerife horse rescue, however we still are not sure if Chewy is in fact a dog!!

He resembles more a bear cross wombat! He has no tail what so ever and has the funniest character. This dog scares people when they first meet him as the noises he makes can be quite frightening, but we now know this is his attempt at playing! He is very funny and always makes people laugh, but it hasn't always been easy for Chewy he came to us with a very bad case of heartworm. He has to go through intensive treatment that we were not sure he would survive, this included months of bed rest and no stress, lots of drugs and hard injections to try to kill and remove the worms from his heart because of his small size and excitable personality it came with complications.

Chewy is never hard to find, Where ever Emma is Chewy is just behind, they bonded during his treatment and now he doesn't like her to be out of his sight for to long.

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