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Sometimes we have such amazing people that do such amazing things for us purely because they want to help, This is the case right now for an upcoming Charity race night arranged by Dave G Tracey. Some of you may have seen already my post about it. This blog post will explain how it works and invite you to play along.


Live from the facebook page of Dave G Tracey is the first ever charity race night. From the kindness of his heart he is arranging a bit of fun for anyone who wants to participate whilst helping towards a good cause. It will be a live event and the proceeds will be split 50/50 between the winners and us. So the more people who take part, the more you can win and the more we will raise.

But aren't you against horse racing?

Some people have already asked us. Sure we don't promote horse racing. However this is not live as it is old videos. Old videos of horse races that are being used to raise money for a good cause. Arranged totally by a well meaning volunteer without any help from us. He is putting his time effort and money into doing this for us.

So to the grumpy people who have negative comments. We ask you to look at the bigger picture and see the good, its basically a raffle.

Please don't knock his efforts to do a good thing. Non horse people do not realise about what happens behind horse racing.

So stop being a grump and buy yourself a ticket and help him to help us whilst possibly winning big!

How it works


8 races with 8 horses.

Live from the facebook page of Dave G Tracey. Friday 22nd Jan 2021. First race 7pm. 

Tune in live if you want to. But not essential.

For your ticket you just have to pick your 8 winning horses for you 8 races for 5euros. 

Dave does the rest, he will put all your numbers into his database. Pick the races at random and divide the winnings.

10 points for a win, 5 for a second and 2 for a 3rd. He will Tally up and find the winners.

To take part

you can donate via paypal [email protected]

or direct transfer to our bank. IBAN ES36 0081 0608 3800 0173 7577

Please remember to write your "race night" and pick your top 8 horses in order. 

For example. "2 race tickets. 24627582. 72673874"

Don't forget to tune in if you can Live in facebook. Dave G Tracey.

A huge thanks to Dave and everyone who joins in!

"Never been done before!! Lets make it happen for us, for Dave and for you!!"


  1. Annette says:

    Ok, I think I understand. If I put this (from your example): 2 race tickets. 24627582. 72673874, I’m buying 2 tickets for each of the 8 races, putting my money on horses Nr 2 and 7 for the first race, 4 and 2 on the second, 6 on the third etc. Right?

    • Tenerife Horse Rescue says:

      List your 8 horses in order with your donation. Any confusions or problems you might have you can contact Emma on facebook.

  2. DAVE says:

    Yes Annette, 8 horses in each race, 8 races, your 2 sets of numbers are correct

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