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Here each Monday you can read up on our latest news, opinions, stories as blog posts. Written by our team, volunteers and helpers who have something important to say.
We will keep you up to date with horse and animal news and stories, some happy and some sad but always full of truth and written from the heart. We are very passionate about what we do and what we believe in so we enjoy sharing it all with you about our latest building updates or our new rescues that join our animal sanctuary. You can read more about each animal on their personal profile on the meet the animals‘” page or sponsor them on our patreon page for behind the scenes updates. Don’t forgot to keep up to date with pictures and fun videos you can follow us on our Instagram or Tiktok account as well @Tenerifehorserescue




Princess Nella is the lady of the finca! This little sweet mare has the pick of the boys and has fallen in love with Capri. She […]


The beautiful Shanty came into our lives as a very sudden emergency and surprise. We were bursting at the seems with horses, some living in our […]

Trufa Dax

Trufa Dax comes to us with a sad story, which sadly is not uncommon. Once upon a time he was a valued horse, a favourite hobby. […]


Galan is the calmest horse on the finca, but it didn\’t start this way This lovely boy has an unusual story, that shows the power of […]


Turbo the famous gentle giant of the finca!! This poor horse has an amazing story like no others, he is famous on the island.He was born […]


Pretty little Capri, Boss of the finca! He may be little and cute, but don\’t be fooled Capri is a tough guy in his little frame. […]


Here we introduce the big boy Geronimo   One of the most troubled and complicated horses currently on the finca. Geronimo is the one who gets […]


This is Whiteboy, possibly the worst named horse in the world, certainly at our finca.    When he arrived with us we were told to wait […]


Here we have our baby of the group, Little Eric L\’apache Eric has been with us for a long time now, rescued from a small stable […]