How to train a horse with positive reinforcement

Catalina had 4 homes in 1 weekend. 3 homes in 1 day!


This poor girl was passed around like she was worthless. Sadly due to the fact she was no longer good enough to be a riding horse, her "worth" to be fed and cared for went to. She has a bad case of melanomas causing lumps and bumps over her body. Particularly in and around her private area. This is very common for white/ grey horses on the island. Unfortunately nothing can be done, we just have to monitor that they can still eat and poop comfortably. So far she can.

This is not the worst lump in her case, she has a very large lump on her throat, which we were worried was the reason for her raspy breathing. However it seems that this is a separate problem for the poor girl which is currently being investigated. 

Her feet look ( and smelt ) as if they have not been touched for more than 1/2  a year, causing more pain and discomfort growing over her shoes. 

It is early days for Catalina with us, we don't know much yet but we are hopeful. We know for sure now she is safe and will not have to move house again. She has a place of safety for the remainder of her life.

If you would like to sponsor her monthly you can find out here all of the behind the scenes and updates as she hopefully improves and starts to thrive.

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