finca life episode 3
Getting emotional with tears and laughter. Day to day life at the finca
Please no more horses…
rescue horse

Cadet by name and this is exactly how he had to live his previous life.

This horse didn't come to us in the regular way that most of our rescues come to us. He was sold as a riding horse. So why do we have him?

Endurance is a common practise here on the island, its a regular sport watching people ride and race long distances. In general this is well monitored and horses are well looked after. However it is not always the case, and it was not for poor Cadette. Due to his energy and speed he was an obvious fit to a career in endurance as a young purebred Angloarab. Knowing this horse personally now I would even say that in the right hands he would have enjoyed this lifestyle. Unfortunately he was pushed to hard, to quick and without real training. On the first season of races he was forced to participate in long races in which he had not previously had any fitness training for. His training style was through traditional fear based pushing and he was terrified. So scared of getting beaten if he wasn't winning he would continue pushing and pushing until it was to late. He weakened, his legs gave way and he came crashing down tearing a tendon and breaking his hip in the process. Obviously this immediately made him "worthless" and he was only basically cared for  to recover enough to hide his injuries and then sold on. To us. The "naïve" horse owner to buy a young seemingly healthy angloarab. Of course this island is small, we have resources and we know exactly the history of this horse and rather than him going into the wrong hands and being pushed again due to his fear of showing weakness he is now with us. Learning to relax and that he will not get beaten if he doesn't win everything. Cadette is such a loving horse and really enjoys human contact, cuddling and playing. He has improved hugely through target training and thoroughly enjoys positive reinforcement training and being a horse without pressure.


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