horse in the office
We have an office!
white rescue horse
rescue horse

Jingle, rescued just before Christmas and  named appropriately with a name raffle

We don't know much about this little mare other than that she was no longer worthy of food. She came to us as a sudden emergency case because her previous owners refused to feed her anymore.

It is safe to guess that her story is the same as many others, she was a hobby riding horse until she was to old. The conditions she was kept it, we are told were basic, inside 100% of the time. Limited access to food and water at the best of times.

However now she is safely with us but it took a couple of weeks for her to find her feet as she is a very timid little horse. Now that she feels safe and happy she is madly in love with her best friend Dequiqa they share stories about their past ( as they are both around 29) and eat and relax together. It is very rare to see 1 of them without the other, they share buckets, groom each other and relax all day. 

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