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Horse rescue - Bruno has such a big character for such a little man!

He doesn't realise that he is actually a horse, he thinks he is a dog, he even loves playing with balls and sticks. He loves everyone, exploring everything and having a sniff at our horse rescue sanctuary.This cheeky little pony was rescued previous to coming to us, by a young well meaning couple in the north of the island. They had him for only 3 months. Then he came to us, because he was too boring to ride. He couldn’t keep up with their 4 year old. The funny thing is they couldn’t be more wrong, he is not boring at all, Bruno has a huge personality!

Painful history

He was just shut down and had a pain and misery connection to riding. He was numb to the whip, legs and pushing. Methods used in his miserable past. Bruno has found his voice since being with us. And is quite the character, always causing mischief. It’s great to see his spark shine through his poor scarred body. They cover his entire legs in scars because of a big fungal infection that they left untreated. Therefor making his skin thick, white and uncomfortable. They also cover him in little scars from things we don’t want to imagine, but most probably most obvious is his manhood. He has a very enlarged private area because of a very inhumane way of treating his urges with a whip, back when he was still a stallion. We can’t bear to think about the pain he would have been in whilst dealing with this torture.
They may cover him in scars, but he is still such a beautiful pony inside and out and we are super happy to have him as part of the finca family and we look forward to giving him a happy and relaxed future with us.

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