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Tenerife dog rescue

Tenerife dog rescue

When we started this project a few years ago, we didn't expect that we would grow so big so quickly. It's probably that we started it naively. And didn't expect for there to be such a huge demand in rescuing ALL animals and not only horses.

Although, there are many other amazing, and some not so amazing, dog rescues on the island. They still can not keep up with the demand. Here, we are not set up for easily rescuing dogs. We do not have big runs, cages, and easy secure places to put them. Our kind volunteers are to rely on. Who will happily let them sleep on their bed. And walk around with a dog on a lead until he finds his feet. It can be challenging with dogs here. However, our team is amazing and makes an extra effort anywhere they can to help an animal. We all try to help where we can. But for obvious reasons, we have to be very careful. And can only keep the dogs who are not a threat to the other animals or visiting guests. Currently, we have 15 dogs who all live harmoniously here at the finca. We have rehomed over 35 dogs but tend to keep the dogs no one wants, too old, sick, or difficult.

The problem is that the welfare here is not ok! The rules and regulations around animal care are far behind and correct measures are a long way off. However I do personally believe that we are going in the right direction. Until this time though things will stay the same. Puppies found in bins, dogs thrown in the barranco. Even dogs dumped when they get to old or dogs left on a property when it is sold. This was the case with our newest dog Buba.

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Her sad story with a happy ending

Along with her brothers she was left tied up at a finca when it was sold. They were no longer ( or probably never) considered part of the family and were not invited to move with them. If people are capable of doing this to an animal, I am glad they didn't go with them. They were found skin and bones, crawling with fleas and covered with mange. Fortunately for her little family an amazing man bought the finca and brought them back to life. He treated their fleas, fed them well, took them to the vet to be checked, vaccinated and sterilized and then worked hard to find them a perfect home. Its amazing to hear a story such as this, these people keep our faith in humanity. From the 100's of sad stories we hear daily someone always comes along as a refreshing change that makes this all possible.


Bubas oldest brother is coming up to 12. He will stay with the 'Tenerife dog rescue' finca and gets to live out his days where he has always known. However it was impossible for him to keep them all when he already had a dog of his own as well. This is how Buba came to us, she is 8 years old and currently going through tests because she has excessive thirst and a worrying lump. Other than this she is a very very happy girl and within 1 day she has created an instant bond with Edo. Buba loves playing with her ball, chasing her tail and eating. She is currently learning how to play more gently with the cats as she does not realise that she is pretty huge!

Being of help to Tenerife dog rescue

If you would like to sponsor Buba monthly you can on patreon for 3 euros a month which will help towards her care and medical treatments whilst seeing her updates and behind the scenes footage. You can also donate to her cause in the regular ways on the how to donate page or bring her a supply of balls to play with!

Bobbio's story

The story of this little pooch, who is so ugly that he is cute is far from extraordinary. Its pretty common, pretty boring but in some way equally sad. He was a household pet, looked after basically, fed well, vaccinated and had a home. He lived with a couple and 2 other dogs. Normal story, the couple got pregnant and couldn't keep 3 dogs any longer. The new baby came first. These are not bad people, they are a nice couple and insist that Bobby ( we accidently named him Bobbio) has a good home and asked if we can help find him one.

Bobbio is 7 years old, registered and lived there for his entire life so it has come as quite a shock for the funny little thing to move onto a finca. This time the story comes with a happy ending, he came to us and we are responsible of his future now and we will ensure he has a perfect life whether or not he stays with us. Currently he has fallen in love with one of our volunteers and is enjoying his new finca life and private human. You can also sponsor him on patreon or donate to his cause through the how to help page

The reality

We just wish people would think ahead. Dogs are not just for christmas, dogs don't stay as puppies, dogs can live for a long time and if they are not going to be part of your family forever when you have a baby or move house. If you will drop them like Bobbio of Buba then please don't get a dog. These 2 are the lucky ones but they won't all be guaranteed a happy future once given away.

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