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Here each Monday you can read up on our latest news, opinions, stories as blog posts. Written by our team, volunteers and helpers who have something important to say.
We will keep you up to date with horse and animal news and stories, some happy and some sad but always full of truth and written from the heart. We are very passionate about what we do and what we believe in so we enjoy sharing it all with you about our latest building updates or our new rescues that join our animal sanctuary. You can read more about each animal on their personal profile on the meet the animals‘” page or sponsor them on our patreon page for behind the scenes updates. Don’t forgot to keep up to date with pictures and fun videos you can follow us on our Instagram or Tiktok account as well @Tenerifehorserescue

Please no more horses…

We are full, sorry we can not help your horse…..This is a sentence that a horse sanctuary doesn\’t want to have to say. It is also […]
finca life episode 3

Getting emotional with tears and laughter. Day to day life at the finca

2 dog rescues

Bobbio and Buba

happy volunteers

Workaway life changing experience

I first arrived at the finca in May 2019. I had no idea the impact that this place and the people who lived there, would have […]
community and sustainable living sanctuary

Improvement of sustainable project as a volunteer

In five years of travelling and volunteering, Tenerife Horse Rescue is the first sustainable project I have revisited, and I am astounded at the transformation! In […]
happy horses free at pasture

Emergency land appeal

zingaro rescue horse in a paddock

What Zingaro has to say…

horse in paddock near sea

Let’s get Shanty walking again

finca team building

Finca life, new Youtube reality series

horse sanctuary

The power of Patreon for horse welfare

finca team building

Volunteering with us, a personal experience.

Tim\’s last day photo, saying good bye with vegetables. Tim was so good at organising the donations of food and the kitchen. Tim\’s last day photo, […]
rescue horse paddock

Lockdown aftermath – how we have another newbie

sustainable living project canary island

Canary Green

skinny rescue horse


How is it one day it was worth paying to transfer you from Africa to Belgium and then to Tenerife but now you are not considered […]

Reducing Food Waste

I came here to volunteer five weeks ago and was told that the finca is freegan. Which means that we eat whatever is donated or food […]

The Rescue Horse – Healing From Inside Out

Rescue Horses – Healing From the Inside OutBy Tamara from Madrid – currently volunteering with us at Tenerife Horse Rescue.Every horse lover always has wondered how […]

Adventures in Manure Composting

Adventures in Manure CompostingI\’m Joanne and I\’m a volunteer here at Tenerife Horse Rescue. I\’m sort of from the UK, sort of from France but I […]
view over the farm

Where do we want to be this time next year?

While I write this blog on week 7 or 8 (does anyone really know) of lockdown… our first answer is, out of lockdown hopefully is where […]
finca scene sunset

Lockdown at Tenerife horse rescue


Perks of the job…. baby animals!

So honestly this blog is a little pointless, but you will enjoy it! So i needed 3 posts to get our exciting new website up and […]
Tenerife Horse Rescue owners

What’s the plan? and her Sister at a Petting farm mum with Emma and Harriet the goats With nothing on the land other than some broken rocks […]

Iggy man the 1st! – Start of our animal sanctuary

Who came first? The Winner of “who started it all” goes to the one and only Iggy pup! This scruffy little terrier is where it all […]