New baby bunnies

Baby sheep Freddie
cute guinea pigs
Guinea pigs.
baby bunnies

Surprise! Babies! 

This is something we don't want to hear very often. However we do. Our most recent babies who joined the family are bunnies. 


Baby animals

A big part of animal rescue comes from unwanted or unplanned baby animals. In every type of animal this happens. Due to ignorance or sometimes accidents. Of course we are big advocates of castrating animals to stop these animals coming into the world with uncertain futures. Unfortunately this is not always the case.


No body is perfect

Accidents can happen, we can't lie and say it never happened to us. 1 time a boy guinea pig was inside the girl enclosure for a couple of weeks before we found out. This resulted in some unwanted pregnancies and a new name for the boy. "The king." With over 100 guinea pigs we are happy this only happened 1 time. Still to this day we don't know how it happened as guinea pigs are particularity easy to determine the sex. We think it must have been a well meaning confused volunteer. So even us can make mistakes. No one is perfect. Especially when it comes to telling the sex of young bunnies. They can be difficult. However when we were given 7 rabbits and told they were all boys. They couldn't have been more wrong. 5 girls and 2 boys. oops.


We rescued more than 7 rabbits

mummy rabbit and babies

Fortunately we have found lovely forever homes already for the boys. The girls will be looking for their homes once they have finished having babies and caring for them. They may be cute but there are so many cute animals looking for homes already. We can not stress enough the importance of separating animals. Being responsible and castrating to prevent this happening. 


Animals are not toys

They are not here for us to do as we wish with them. They do not want to live in a small cage and breed constantly. This is a sad future for many animals and in particular rabbits. Rabbits are intelligent animals are need a lot of space to run, hope, skip and jump. Often this is not recognized and well meaning people keep their rabbits in cages not knowing any better.  They also need vaccinations against Myxomatosis to prevent sudden painful death. Another preventable problem that not all rabbit owners know about.

We will make sure that these rabbits will have a very happy future. If they can find a perfect home then great. If not they will join the other rabbits in our big run where they can live in the caves and be free. Currently they live in small rat proof cages while they care for their babies until they are old enough to be vaccinated and let out into the bigger spaces.


Until then we get to watch these cute little balls of fluff grow up.

The damage is done, the mistake has been made and we may as well enjoy them while they are here. Its not their fault. So we thought everyone would enjoy to see cute pictures of baby bunnies. We haven't got many great pictures due to not wanting to bother them unnecessarily. But for now you can enjoy these.


We currently have 2 mummies with babies and hope for no more.

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