How to train a horse with positive reinforcement
Maisy and Daisy

This beautiful little girl finally has a name of her own, and a home and safe place to live.

She came to us as an emergency. She was left with no food and water in the mountains. It took 4 hours to get her to a place where a trailer could arrive.
This horse has had an entire life of abuse and neglect. Her bones have grown in unnatural ways, they are weak and fragile. Her conformation and form causing lots of problems due to a life of malnutrition and starvation.
She has skin conditions and infected hooves. Her past is unhappy, but her future is more important. She now has a chance of happiness and freedom from pain.
We might not be able to rescue them all, we may not be able to offer a perfect home. But we can change their life and give them a chance.
But we can not do it alone. We rely on sponsors, donations, collaborations. If you can spare a euro, Ava would love it. 

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